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Jamie Foxx receives love from ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ co-stars as he skips the premiere



Jamie Foxx is still receiving love from his friends and well-wishers as he recovers from his medical emergency.

Foxx’s co-stars from his new film, They Cloned Tyrone, sent their best to the actor from the premiere of the new Netflix sci-fi dramedy on Wednesday, June 14th, 2023, held at the American Black Film Festival in Miami Beach, via Entertainment Tonight.

John Boyega, spoke with ET on the red carpet and admitted that he missed seeing the star get to enjoy the film’s big debut screening.

“I wanted him to show up here but you know, I know he’s dealing with what he’s dealing with, and we just wish him all the best,” Boyega shared.

He added that he hasn’t been able to connect with Foxx but he will keep trying. “I’ve been calling, I’m just gonna keep on calling. He better pick up. Come on Jamie!”

His co-star, Teynoah Parris also shared her time working with Foxx on the set. “We had so much fun and he’s just such a lively person and he brings such an energy to the set,” she said.


“We would never work, we all just had fun laughing and partying.”

“I wish Jamie all the recovery and healing. He’s just so amazing,” she added. “It was just such an honour to work with him. He’s so generous as an actor and as a human, along with John. I got lucky to be able to work with such dope men on this project, and dope men of colour, that it was just so much fun.”

The director, Juel Taylor also praised Foxx of his craft. “It’s hard to even get the words and just say, like, how much he gave to this movie,” he said. “He definitely is in my thoughts and prayers for sure.”

The Oscar-winning actor’s eldest daughter, Corinne Foxx, first let fans know of his health condition on Wednesday, April 12th, 2023, when she revealed that he sustained “a medical complication,” on Tuesday.

The actor broke his silence on his health scare last month acknowledging the love and well wishes he received from his friends and family.

The medical complication that got the Django Unchained actor hospitalised is still unknown.