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Jadakiss has just completed another successful year around the sun, so he gifted himself a six-figure Patek Philippe watch to celebrate.

Following his 48th birthday on May 27, the legendary rapper took to Instagram on Thursday (June 8) to show off his expensive new arm piece.

“Nah mean, little birthday gift to myself for taking another trip around the galaxy,” Jadakiss said in the video. “Courtesy of my brother, the water man! The Mazza water. We did something a little different this time.

“You know I’m a watch man. It gotta come in a box. That’s the 5990 steal. The blue face. Make sure you got your paperwork so you don’t have to go through none of the bullshit. Everything real. Haha! Happy birthday to me.”

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In related news, Swizz Beatz has proposed Jadakiss’ next Verzuz battle — but with a major twist to the usual format.

With the beloved battle series set to return later this year, Swizz spoke to fellow Verzuz visionary Timbaland about what he’d like to see from the upcoming third season — including a return from Jada, who stole the show during The LOX and Dipset‘s battle in August 2021.

Rather than see the Yonkers lyricist take on just one opponent, though, Swizz proposed pitting him against several of his contemporaries at the same time. What’s more, he even suggested the battle should be based on freestyles instead of “hit songs.”

“You know what I wanna see? I wanna see everybody versus Jadakiss,” he said. “Beanie Sigel, Pusha [T]… everybody to the breakbeats. No hit songs, all freestyles. Zah! Survival of the spittist.”

Timbaland responded: “Wait a minute, so five against one? Oh, okay.”


The LOX and Dipset’s epic Verzuz battle took place at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater and was watched online by around 645,000 people at its peak.

Jim Jones recently commented that Jadakiss should have released an album after the competition to capitalize on the moment — a suggestion Jada himself agreed with. He also had his reasons for why he didn’t do it, though.

“Out of all the crazy stuff [Jim Jones has] been saying lately, that was definitely right on,” Jadakiss said on The Breakfast Club last month. “I should have, but I’m just trying to get my business affairs right. That gave me some leverage on the label to fix some stuff. You gotta learn – artists, when you can get the benefits on your side, you gotta work it.”

He continued: “I definitely should have dropped something, but I can’t really do microwave music. I got a bunch of songs on the hard drive – this, that and the other. Just ’cause I had the momentum, I didn’t feel… I still feel like I’m gypping the people if I just put out anything. You know, I like to cook my meals.”