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Gunplay Loses Custody Of Daughter With Vonshae Taylor-Morales



Gunplay has reportedly lost custody of his daughter, Osanna, who he shares with his estranged wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales. According to TMZ, the rapper failed to appear in court to address the temporary restraining order Vonshae currently has against him. After the court’s ruling, Taylor-Morales spoke about the court’s decision with The Shade Room. She says the Department of Child and Family Services found reasonable grounds for her claims.

Taylor-Morales’ restraining order came after Gunplay was arrested on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and child abuse. She claims she asked him to quiet down while he was playing Xbox and an argument ensued, eventually turning violent.

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Taylor-Morales told The Shade Room: “I was given custody of our daughter. Medical examiners saw my daughter over the weeks to document her strangulation progression. It was concluded that there was no major bodily harm, but it was documented that it happened. [Gunplay] did miss three hearings for my permanent restraining order for us both. I’ve requested a restraining order for [Osanna] until she’s 18 when she’s legally an adult.”

She added that for Gunplay to participate in co-parenting their daughter, he’ll have to use the courts-monitored application, TalkingParents. Visits would also be monitored by the court. As for whether Taylor-Morales will let Osanna keep up with any of the rest of Gunplay’s family, she admitted: “Not most of his family. His son is always welcome to see his sister. His cousin, that I’m close with, still comes to see her and check on her. But everyone else can go to hell with him.” She didn’t reveal the exact amount of support she’ll be receiving, but said: “As of now, he is responsible for her medical, education, and child care.”