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Gunna Appears To Laugh Off Video Of Fans Allegedly Spotting Him In A Mall

Gunna’s career might not be the same after he was released from prison. The ATL rapper faced a significant setback in his career after copping an Alford plea in the YSL RICO case. Though he dodged significant time behind bars, it came at the cost of support from the hip-hop community. It’s a 180 from last year around this time when he had the world at the palm of his hands with the release of DS4EVER, which ultimately outperformed The Weeknd’s Dawn FM in the second week.

In the past two months since his release, it became evident that fans felt as though Gunna threw Young Thug under the bus. The rapper shared his first Instagram post following his release, leading to members of the YSL camp, like Lil GotIt, and fans to put him on blast. He didn’t respond to people calling him a rat but it looks like this type of criticism is inevitable at this point. Whether online or in real life, a lot of fans don’t seem willing to forgive Gunna for copping a plea while Thugger remains behind bars.

Gunna Laughs It Off


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This morning, footage emerged of fans allegedly spotting Gunna at a mall surrounded by security. As he finished shopping, a number of people spotted him and called him out. Some called him a rat while others pestered him about the case. However, the individual managed to cover his face and leave the scene before anything escalated. Mind you, it hasn’t been confirmed that it’s Gunna in the video but many took it and ran with it.

Still, it seems as though he isn’t stressing about it too much. The rapper took to Instagram post shortly after the video grabbed headlines and appeared to respond. He shared three laughing emojis on his Instagram Story without elaborating beyond that. Though he could be laughing at anything, the timing of it all suggests that he’s responding to the video. Perhaps, it wasn’t actually Gunna in the video in the first place. However, it seems that Gunna won’t be able to escape the hassling from fans at any point in the near future. Peep his post above and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.


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