Enchanting’s Manager Delivers Beautiful Statement Following The Artist’s Tragic Passing

Enchanting reportedly has a vault full of music, ready to be released.
Enchanting passed away earlier this week, and there is no doubt that fans are incredibly distraught over it. Overall, this new came out of nowhere. Firstly, it was reported that she was on life support. However, the following day, it was reported that she had passed away. It was an incredibly sad story to report, especially when you consider how the artist was only 26 years old. Since the news broke, family, friends, and fellow artists have put out messages of love, noting just how amazing Enchanting was.

According to No Jumper, Enchanting’s manager has put out a statement on her passing. “If you really knew Chant, you know her personality was larger than life, she was a whole vibe and owned every room she walked in. Chant was one of the most loyal and beautiful souls we have ever encountered,” the statement reads. “In December of 2023, we were blessed to get the opportunity to sign BIG CHANT to Change the Game Records. June 16, 2024 was the date set to tell the world.”

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Her manager also noted that she has a vault that is filled to the brim with tracks. In fact, fans can even expect a body of work to drop sooner rather than later. “To the fans: Chant has a whole vault of music ready to go. New singles and an album is already on the way. Thank you for the love and support,” they noted. Enchanting’s legacy will live on through her music, and it seems as though her management team is ready to handle that legacy with care and respect.

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