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Drake’s credit card declines during live stream while rocking yellow ‘tips’



Drake hosted a live Kick stream Saturday night to promote online casio Stake. The event was over two hours long and it nearly went off without a hitch until his credit card declined while trying to donate $500 worth of subscribers to a random streamer.

Fellow rapper Lil Yachty was with Drake while the incident went down and the Canadian artist let out a high-pitched “embarrassing” to joke about the situation.

Drake, who had his fingernails painted yellow on full display, has been a Stake partner for over a year now. He often makes outrageous bets on UFC, NBA, NFL and other sports.

UFC star Israel Adesanya is one of Drake’s favorite athletes to bet on and he too paints his fingernails. The middleweight champion refers to them as his “tips.”

Drake was fortunately able to get the credit card fiasco resolved to continue spreading the wealth.

Is Drake broke?

When the card was declined, Drake looked over to the side and informed someone out of frame, suggesting it wasn’t even his card to begin with.

Drake, 36, has an estimated net worth of $250 million, so it’s unlikely he’ll be running out of money any time soon.

He often bets with Stake’s funds and that is the probable scenario this time around.

Kick signing Drake is a huge step forward for the streaming platform that has to compete with the likes of Twitch.