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Drake’s Alleged Belongings Appear In Cryptic New Video, Twitter User Defends Kendrick Lamar



The mysterious Twitter user has been dubbed the “Riddler.”

Amid the fallout from Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s recent lyrical feud, someone new has joined the conversation, who’s now been dubbed “the Riddler.” Today, a mysterious Twitter user hopped online to show off Drake’s alleged belongings. The items appear to be the same ones featured in Kendrick Lamar’s original “Meet The Grahams” cover art. In an eerie clip, the individual plays the diss track on a laptop, panning over to reveal the items.

“#1. King @kendricklamar is not a liar, and I am not a thief!” they captioned the post. “#2. Mr. Aubrey Graham (@Drake) & Mr. Livingston Allen (@Akademiks) have until noon Monday 5/13/24 to retract your claims of theft, or my attorney Ms. Adrienne Edward and I will exhaust every legal option available.” At the time of writing, it remains unclear exactly who the person is. They didn’t stop there, however.

“The Riddler” Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Drake

They then went on to share a photo of security footage from the Mark Hotel, where Drake stayed in January 2023. “To Mr. Aubrey Graham (@Drake ), may this photo help jog your memory as to where you discarded those items. The issue in the photo should also jog your memory. Jimmy Brooks would not have been proud of you that night,” the user wrote. A subsequent Tweet reads, “You’ve had many things discarded on your behalf over the years. I wonder if you can remember them all…”

“You’re blocking my money with your lies, so you have forced me to get it another way,” they also added. The cryptic and bizarre posts have since garnered reactions from countless social media users, who’ve been left to wonder who’s behind them. What do you think of a Twitter user claiming to have Drake’s belongings from Kendrick Lamar’s original “Meet The Grahams” cover art? What about people dubbing them the Riddler?

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