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Drake Uses AI 2Pac To Diss Kendrick Lamar On “Taylor Made Freestyle”



Drake got downright disrespectful on his second K. Dot diss.

Nobody saw this one coming. It was theorized by industry insiders that Drake would drop a second diss on Kendrick Lamar, much like he did with Meek Mill in 2015, but the hip-hop world has never heard a diss quite like “Taylor Made Freestyle.” Drake writes three verses, packed with insults and not-so-subtle jabs, but he only raps one of them in his regular voice. The other two are modified, using AI technology, to sound like Snoop Dogg and the late, great 2Pac! The same 2Pac that has been Lamar’s idol since childhood.

Drake unleashed “Taylor Made Freestyle” via Instagram on April 19. He doesn’t waste anytime using Lamar’s favorite rapper against him, as “2Pac” gets the first verse. The AI generated voice (with bars from Drake) sees “2Pac” consult Lamar on how to best defeat, well, Drake himself. “If you deal with this viciously, you seem a little nervous about all the publicity,” the AI voice claims. “F**k this Canadian light skin guy, we need an undebated west coast victory.” It’s a fascinating bit of reverse psychology, as it effectively allows Drake to sabotage the easy talking points that Lamar had at his disposal.

Drake Used AI To Turn K. Dot’s Heroes Against Him

The second verse goes to the AI generated voice of Snoop Dogg. The voice continues the frustrated tone set by AI 2Pac by urging Lamar to put together a response track ASAP. “Still you gotta show this f**king owl who’s boss on the west, now’s a time to really make a power move,” he raps. “‘Cause right now it’s looking like you writing out the gameplan with how to lose.” Another withering line from the Doggfather’s doppleganger: “World is watching this chess game, but oh, you out of moves.”


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After using Kendrick Lamar’s own heroes against him, Drake raps the third verse in his own voice. He relentlessly mocks the Compton rapper for taking so long to respond after starting the feud in the first place. “Since your tone changed a little, you not as enthused,” Drake asserts. “How are you not in the booth? It feel like you kinda removed.” The 6 God gets even more dismissive towards the outro of the song, claiming that K. Dot needs “another week” to get himself together.

Kendrick Lamar has been bogged down by AI disses in recent weeks, with fans being unsure of what’s really him and what isn’t. Drake using AI tech to then diss him further is a chess move that Lamar will not be able to ignore.


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