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Drake Seems To Wave The White Flag With New Instagram Story Post



Many fans still declared Drake the winner, and anticipate that he will bring “summer vibes” bangers to get back on schedule.

Well, after almost two months of build-up, a full week of warfare, and about 11 years of anticipation, it seems like the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef is over. Moreover, the latter just posted the following message on his Instagram Story, captioning a painting of a lone samurai against an army with: “Good times. Summer vibes up next.” Of course, this is a pretty vague message, although the painting itself seems to reference the “20v1” that The Boy rapped about on “Push Ups” when much of the industry went against him. But what about this beef was exactly “good times,” and what does he mean by “summer vibes”?

According to some Drake fans who commented under the post below, they’re expecting some more bangers from him in the summertime to get back on schedule, prove his hit-making ability, and knock that “Not Like Us” diss track off the charts. They believe he won the battle by dropping “The Heart Part 6,” which Kendrick Lamar hasn’t responded to at press time. No matter where you fall on that debate, it’s fair to say that any victory was not just a close call, but a pretty dark one considering the allegations they levied at each other. Also, things got really serious in the Toronto superstar’s personal life in ways that aren’t directly connected to the beef, but surely made things more stressful.

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Meanwhile, folks like TDE CEO Top Dawg think that this beef is over, so it’s more probable than not that these external incidents are precisely that: external. Of course, there’s really no telling either way, as pretty much any interpretation on this battle is equally susceptible to debunked misinformation or blindly fan-driven dismissal. Drake and Kendrick Lamar went at it for a couple of really solid rounds on wax that folks will remember for years. But it’s important to pull back on what really matters in these artists’ lives.

This also doesn’t help current rumors online concerning a viral Twitter discussion over a new video of Drake’s alleged “Meet The Grahams” cover art items. Now that folks dragged “The Riddler” into this and are trying to out-public relations each other, who knows where this could go next? All we hope for is that Drizzy and Kendrick Lamar find peace now and can acknowledge that the Internet will do the fighting for them. They deserve their proper rest.

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