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Drake Scolds Fan For Throwing Book At Him During San Francisco Concert



Drake’s quick reflexes saved him from being hit in the face by a book while he was onstage. The rapper/singer was performing at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California on Friday night, August 18 when a member of the audience chucked a copy of Drake’s own poetry book “Titles Ruin Everything” at him and it came very close to his head.

The star saved himself from injury by grabbing the book out of the air and then giving the fan a stern ticking off. He said, “You’re lucky I’m quick. I would’ve had to beat your a** if that hit me in the face.”

It’s the latest headline-grabbing moment from Drake’s “It’s All a Blur” tour with 21 Savage after the star previously gave away a $30,000 designer handbag to a woman in the front row of his gig in Los Angeles. During his performance at the Kia Forum venue on Wednesday, August 16, Drake studded the crowd by walking on stage holding a pink Hermes Birkin bag, which sells for around $30,000, and handing it over to a female fan declaring, “Drake ain’t cheap.” Video footage posted on TikTok showed him then adding, “Make sure she has security on the way out.”

There was also controversy over a previous gift he handed over to a fan on the tour, a sweaty used towel, which sparked a tussle in the audience. During a previous show at the Kia Forum on August 12 , he wiped his face with a towel which he then chucked into the audience. It was caught by a female fan but a man close to her then started trying to wrestle it away from her in front of the stunned star.

Video footage of the incident posted on Instagram showed Drake looking concerned as he watched the tussle before telling the woman, “I’ma send someone up there.” He also appears to try to confront the towel snatcher before being ushered away by his security team. Drake played four shows at the venue as part of his ongoing tour with 21 Savage and he is back in Los Angeles for two shows at the Arena on August 21 and 22.