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Drake Fans Resurface Kendrick Lamar‘s Fiance’s Candid Instagram Post



Fans are digging through old posts.

A post from Kendrick Lamar‘s fiance, Whitney Alford, discussing her mental health and going to therapy is resurfacing on social media amid the rapper’s ongoing feud with Drake. On Friday, the Toronto rapper brought up Alford on his diss track, “Family Matters,” while accusing Lamar of abuse. Lamar immediately fired back with his own song, “Meet the Grahams,” on which he alleges Drake has been hiding another child.

As for Alford’s post from May 2022, she wrote: “I was stuck in a time and place that was no longer my reality and was no longer serving me. My babies forced me to take a long look at myself and journey back through the very things that made me. I’ve always carried the light with me. As a child no one was able to help me process. Many times silence was enforced because my emotions were a lot to handle. Hiding my pain has been a technique I’ve mastered my entire life. Mask it with a smile and everything is good. Silence has been my superpower, protecting me in the most vulnerable spaces.” From there, Alford revealed: “Then I was referred to a great therapist.”

Kendrick Lamar & Whitney Alford Attend Grammy Awards

She continued: “After a few years of hard work, I can finally say I hear my own voice again. And it’s very powerful. I use my smile when it feels genuine. And it’s beautiful. Allowing the world in and sharing my experience is one of my greatest fears. But truth is always very important for me. I’ve lived a sober life, feeling every single part of it, with the exception of mastering how to float when it’s all too much. But I yearn to be centered. To flow, to heal. To enjoy life.” When The Neighborhood Talk shared the post, plenty of Lamar’s fans came to his defense. One user commented: “This doesn’t seem like a cry for help from Kendrick sounds like unresolved childhood trauma that showed up in adulthood that she needed to address.” Another wrote: “Y’all not really music listeners cause if u were this not [tea emoji] if you listened Kendrick ‘Mr.Morale Big steppers’ album he talked about his relationship problems, family problems, how he had turn from being a boy into a man. Healing /growing.”

Fans Uncover Whitney Alford’s Post



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Check out Alfrod’s post on Instagram above. Lamar and Alford first began dating when the two were still in high school.

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