Delonte West Appears To Be On Drugs In New Video Just Days After Recent Arrest

Delonte West has been through a lot.
Delonte West was arrested last week and it was an event that could have proven to be life-threatening. He was booked for violating conditions of release and resisting arrest, however, he ended up collapsing while running from police. Overall, it was a severe issue for the former NBA star as he had to be taken to the hospital and administered Narcan. Things were looking dire at the time, and he almost died. It was sad news, especially knowing the various issues West has had in the past.

Subsequently, more news is coming out about West today. As you can see in the clip below, West could be seen on camera roaming around a parking lot in Virginia. Throughout the clip, he seems to be strung out on some sort of drug. It’s a heartbreaking clip to watch as West has been dealing with drug and mental health issues for many years. Although he went to rehab a few years ago at the behest of Mark Cuban, he has been unable to maintain sobriety.

Delonte West Was Arrested Recently

Many in West’s life have attempted to get him help, although he isn’t easy to contact. Moreover, the person needs to accept the help, in the first place. Being an addict is a disease and a lifelong battle. Having said that, it is important to give West grace and empathy during this difficult time. We also hope people stop filming him, moving forward. The ballplayer deserves more dignity than that.

Let us know what you think about all of this, in the comments section down below. We hope that West is able to get the help he needs. It seems as though the system has let him down, and we can only hope that someday he is able to find peace. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news from around the sports world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite athletes and their coming moves.

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