Chrisean Rock Shouldn’t Be In Jail, Blueface’s Mother Karlissa Saffold Insists

According to Karlissa, the arrest was “a bit much.”

It’s no secret that Blueface’s mother Karlissa Saffold and Chrisean Rock have had their fair share of differences in the past. Despite this, it looks like Saffold is making an effort to be cordial with the Baddies star, particularly following he

r recent arrest. For those who don’t recall, Chrisean was taken into custody at Blueface’s court hearing last week and is currently being held without bail. Luckily, she’s not expected to be behind bars for long. Nonetheless, her fans and loved ones have been calling for immediate release on social media ever since.

TMZ recently caught up with Saffold to hear her take on the debacle, and according to her, whoever orchestrated the arrest did Chrisean dirty. “I absolutely did not know it was gonna happen,” she told the outlet, “I feel like it was bad timing. I feel like whoever made that happen or had anything to do with it was absolutely… That wasn’t the time. She had her kid and she was there supporting my son, so I don’t agree with it. Even though I’m not a fan and we have our differences, I think that was a bit much.”

Karlissa Saffold Discusses Chrisean Rock’s Arrest

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