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Chris Hemsworth Finds Working Out With Arnold Schwarzenegger To Be ‘Special Moment’



Chris Hemsworth calls it a “dream come true” to work out with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The “Thor” actor and the 75-year-old action movie legend ran into each other at a fitness centre in Brazil before Netflix’s Tudum event in Sao Paulo on Saturday, June 17, and the Austrian hunk admitted it was “pretty special” to cross paths with his hero, particularly because they recently shot a promotional video but couldn’t meet to film together.

“I don’t know what it was like for them to run into us. But it was kind of a dream come true… [He was] as gracious and kind as I’d hoped,” Chris told People magazine. He added of the Netflix promo, “We were on green screens in separate countries. So to work out with him, meet him… It was a pretty special moment.”

“FUBAR” actor Arnold had shared fans into a frenzy when she shared a post-workout photo on Twitter of himself and Chris smiling together. He captioned his picture, “First we get our pump, then we go pump up the fantastic fans in Brazil.”


The “Extraction 2” actor shared the same photo on his Instagram acocunt. He wrote, “Ya never know who you’ll bump into at the gym! What a dream to train with the one and only (sic).” The former Governor of California was quick to praise his new pal. He commented, “Look at how pumped you are. The delts. The triceps (sic).”

Chris’ older brother couldn’t hide his envy at his sibling’s star spot. He commented, “I’m officially jealous.” Tennis legend Serena Williams also had a touch of the green-eyed monster. She commented on Chris’ post, “Noooo now I’m super jealous (sic).”

During the Tudum event, Chris confirmed plans for a third “Extraction” film are in the pipeline. He told the audience, “We wouldn’t be here without you, so thank you so so so much. I love you all. This is the warmest welcome we have ever received, you guys are incredible.”

“I know we’ve only just released ‘Extraction 2’, but is anyone interested in seeing more of Tyler Rake in the future? Well guess what? Between us friends, we’re already talking about ‘Extraction 3’. Thanks for the response.”