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Chris Brown & His Crew Allegedly Jumped Usher At Birthday Party, Twitter Reacts



Apparently, Chris Brown’s 34th birthday bash ended with violence, at least according to various online sources. Moreover, the R&B singer and his crew allegedly jumped Usher at the event, which is shocking considering their close relationship. While this story is unconfirmed and still mostly the result of gossip and speculation, there’s been no shortage of reports on it from all angles. Even though some people won’t believe it until they see video evidence, most others are wondering what went down. From what these stories indicate, it wasn’t a matter of personal beef but rather the result of defending a victim of Brown’s actions.

To elaborate, Usher threw Chris Brown a skate party for his big day, which also included guests like Mario, Bow Wow, and many more. However, at a certain point of the night, reportedly things got pretty heated as Brown was quite drunk. Not only that, but he was apparently being disrespectful to Teyana Taylor, approaching her in an intoxicated manner. Then, reports allege, multiple people got involved in the argument, and it’s unclear what disrespect he directed at her.

Chris Brown Reportedly Attacked Usher

Allegedly, one of the people who tried to calm Chris Brown down was none other than Usher himself, who tried to steer him away. Apparently, at some point during their spat, Brown called the R&B star a “coward” and left the venue with his team. Then, the Confessions singer reportedly walked outside to meet the “Beautiful People” artist in order to talk to him and calm him down. It was at that moment where sources say Brown and his entourage attacked Usher. Not only that, but it was apparently so bad that the singer got a bloody nose.

Of course, Breezy is no stranger to controversy, so many people weren’t too surprised at his alleged outburst and behavior. However, a lot of people online aren’t buying this story, especially since it comes mostly from online outlets and social media eyewitness reports. Also, it allegedly occurred at a Las Vegas parking lot, and the fact we don’t have video footage is surprising to many. Whatever happened between the two, people aren’t happy with this news either way. Regardless, check out more videos of Chris Brown’s birthday party and reactions to these reports down below. Also, keep checking in with HNHH for the latest updates on this story and more on Chris Brown and Usher.


Birthday Party + Twitter Reacts



Y’all didn’t care when Chris Brown beat multiple women’s asses, watch the outrage because he beat Usher’s ass

— Justice for JORDAN NEELY (@_BriTheUnicorn) May 6, 2023