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Cardi B Goes Live With A Fan On TikTok By Accident: Watch Their Humorous Reactions



The Bardi Gang’s leader was actually quite scared when a female viewer popped up on her screen, and she was similarly shocked.

Cardi B is a social media darling, amassing a huge Bardi Gang movement across her platforms and interacting with them on occasion. However, she much rather prefers these crossovers when she has more control of the environment or of her actions, and a recent TikTok livestream did not really provide either. Moreover, the “Enough (Miami)” star accidentally went live with a fan who watched her livestream, and she obviously expressed shock when she appeared alongside her. “Who the f**k are you?!” Cardi exclaimed as her video feed started cutting out, whereas the female fan asked “Is this true?!” and took a screenshot of the occasion with a wide smile of disbelief.

Furthermore, we’re sure that this wasn’t exactly in the Bronx MC’s plans, but it’s still great that the fan could share at least a small moment with her, however accidental. However, a lot of fans started to complain in the comments section about how the “Never Lose Me” collaborator didn’t even acknowledge the fan. While this is an understandable conclusion, Cardi B is also a megastar who probably deals with a lot of people trying to get closer to her without really knowing her. As such, we understand that she would be immediately wary of interacting with people with little context, especially on online platforms.

Cardi B Accidentally Brings Fan Into Her TikTok Live: Watch



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Elsewhere, some of Cardi B’s other fan interactions have to do with her supporters (or haters) disagreeing with her. For example, she recently went back and forth on TikTok concerning a fan’s criticism of her comments about relationships needing a 50/50 financial split. “But, this wasn’t about me…” the 31-year-old shared. “Sooo, you saw my life but you ain’t saw the part about my parents? Or the part if you both college students, will y’all split the bill?” “Also I never had to hold Offset down… HE ALWAYS BEEN RICH,” she added in another comment.

Meanwhile, as “Bodak Yellow” recently reached a huge YouTube milestone, Cardi’s firing on all cylinders for this album rollout. Hopefully her future efforts to hype it up with fans don’t result in accidental interactions, but rather purposeful ones. There’s no fanbase in the world that wouldn’t appreciate five seconds of their fav’s time, even if they’re under no obligation to oblige.

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