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Blac Chyna’s Mom Tokyo Toni Blasted Over Her ‘Nasty’ Instagram Live



Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni sparked chatter with her antics in her latest Instagram Live. On Thursday, June 22, Toni left her followers horrified as she showed racy moves during the streaming.

In a video circulating online, Tokyo, who donned pink shorts with black hearts, could be seen lying on her bed. She strategically placed her camera phone so the viewers could see her bums.

Toni later did some sexy moves, including having her legs wide open. At one point, she twerked in front of the camera.


Upon watching the clip from the Live, Internet users were not impressed as they quickly put Toni on blast. “She used to give them folks a show back in the day at the strip club,” one person commented. “All this and she was worried about Blac Chyna worshipping the devil this jezebel behavior but I love her fr tho! #NoJudgementZone,” someone else wrote, referring to when Toni accused Chyna of Illuminati.

“She’s aging backwards mentally Fr,” another person said. “Imagine this your 50+ mom on the internet chiii,” one other opined, with someone calling it “nasty.”

Toni and Chyna were known to be feuding for so long until they appeared to end their years-long volatile relationship on the latter’s 35th birthday. Back in May, the “Rob & Chyna” alum shared on Instagram an adorable video of her and estranged mom.

The video saw the mom and daughter duo showing each other love with a tight hug as they walked through a huge hall before they crashed down the floor while giggling. Not stopping there, Toni then revealed her chest tattoo, which was Chyna’s birth name Angela.

Touched by the sweet tribute, Chyna immediately embraced her mom once again. At one point, Toni affectionately kissed Chyna on her head. In the caption, Chyna wrote, “Thank you God, for the 35 years of life. I love you mom for birthing me. Happy Birthday to me.”