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Beyoncé’s reaction to concert gaffe doing rounds on internet



A clip of Beyoncé’s Chicago concert went viral after she frustratingly sang instructions after they were ignored repeatedly.

At the pop icon’s recent Renaissance world tour stop, she was on the seat singing her hit track 1 + 1.

As she earlier signalled several times to activate the fan in front of her, the technicians may forget it, which led her to instruct them “turn the fan on” during the performance.

The video was since getting viral on the internet as fans joked that “somebody’s getting fired” over the mishap.

“However, Chile one thing for certain, two things for sure, #Beyonce is not going play about her fans or her FAN!!!! Queen B had to hit a little note to let someone know to turn the fan on LIGHTS! Somebody’s getting Fired!!!!!” Oh, and baby, the fan wasn’t on, but the MIC was,” one fan wrote.

Another added, “TURN THE FAN ON “Somebody’s getting fired” #RenaissanceWorldTour:) (sic)


A third piped in, “Beyoncé singing ‘Turn the fan on’ during 1+1 is so funny to me…” (sic)

“Beyoncé really sang ‘turn the fan on’ so they’ll put on the fan in front of her,” a fourth said.