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6ix9ine Update: Alleged Attackers Arrested & Charged



Just a couple of weeks ago, infamous rapper 6ix9ine was viciously beaten at an LA Fitness in Florida. Overall, the attack seemed pretty random as the men behind it didn’t seem to actually have any real beef with the rapper. Instead, it appeared as though the rainbow-haired rapper was just a victim of his own notoriety. One second he was on the Stairmaster, and the next, he was being beaten down in a bathroom. After the beating, 6ix9ine was subsequently taken to the hospital where his face was treated for various wounds.

Since that time, the rapper has been enjoying his time in Cuba. Moreover, he has been teasing some music, which is good news for his fans. As for his three alleged attackers, the police had been on the hunt for them. There were various camera angles of the men entering the gym prior to the attach. Additionally, the attackers took their own video for social media, which only added to the evidence pile. Now, it appears as though the alleged attackers are in a Palm Beach County jail.

6ix9ine Seemingly Gets Justice

In a report from WPTV, it was revealed that Rafael Medina Jr., Octavious Media, and Anthony Maldonado were all arrested and charged with assault and robbery. All three of their mugshots can be seen in the tweet above, from @mymixtapez. Overall, these three are presumed to be the alleged attackers. However, they will get to present their respective cases in court today, as they are all expected to face a judge. At this point, it remains to be seen how the proceedings will go down.

As for 6ix9ine, he has yet to react to this news. Considering he is vacationing in Cuba, there is a slight chance that he doesn’t even know what is happening. Although, we are sure Akademiks would be one of the first ones to text him about it. Additionally, do not expect 6ix9ine to bolster his security. He has made it very clear that he would rather just move the exact same way he has been for the last few months.