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21 Savage Seemingly Chimes In On Drake & Kendrick Lamar Beef



Of course, this is mostly speculative and based off of a vague tweet, but it seems too coincidental to not have at least popped up in his head.

21 Savage has apparently made a comment about the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef, or at least, that’s what fans think based on a vague new tweet linked here. “If you waiting for somebody else to go against me before you do your a sucker,” he wrote on Saturday morning (May 11), which is definitely a fair assessment of what happened to the 6ix God in this feud. After K.Dot outright dissed him and J. Cole on “Like That,” people noticed other subliminal shots at Drizzy and assumed that all of the album’s collaborators were explicitly against him. Of course, this is just speculation and this tweet really could mean anything, but it just lines up too well for the presumption not to pop up in your head.

Furthermore, 21 Savage did perform his material with Drake during his ongoing tour, even when he stopped in Kendrick Lamar’s home city of Los Angeles recently. Given his strong collaborative history with The Boy, no one really expects him to switch up all of a sudden, although some are taking his silence too seriously. Regardless, the Atlanta MC is probably just focusing on himself and his career right now, as tour likely has him too busy to even think about any of this. Many are also wondering what other Atlanta artists must think about this battle, especially those that the Compton lyricist name-dropped on “Not Like Us.”

Did 21 Savage Just Speak On Drake & Kendrick Beef?

But back to 21 Savage, his role in all this is curious because he has really firm and historic collaborative bonds with both Drake and Metro Boomin, who some think is the real instigator behind all of this. In fact, Metro and 21 had expressed via social media that they’re still on great terms back in early April before this feud turned really nasty. There are even rumors that SAVAGE MODE III is coming out sooner rather than later, but we don’t want to get our hopes up. Either way, it seems like this is a really complicated web that might never get the definitive answer fans want.

After all, 21 Savage just had a Nardwuar interview: do you really think he’s worried about whether or not Drake will be mad at him for his silence? His two most prolific and notable collaborations are now at odds. It’s a tough position to be in, but one that we’re sure will keep sailing smoothly until the american dream rollout era wraps up. Maybe that calm, peace, and relaxation will bring us answers…

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