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2 Chainz Cleared From Hospital After Miami Car Crash



2 Chainz Cleared From Hospital After Miami Car Crash

2 Chainz is fortunately okay following a three-car accident in Miami over the weekend for Art Basel, allegedly close sources to him told TMZ. Moreover, they relayed that he left the hospital hours after he initially went in on Saturday morning (December 9), following a check-up from doctors. The rapper didn’t sustain any significant injuries, was just a little rattled, and is reportedly happy to be out of the medical facility and back home to rest before the holidays kick into full swing. On his Instagram account, he shared a picture of the car that struck his vehicle from behind, a video of him walking to a private jet, and a thankful and heartfelt message for his supporters and loved ones.

“This the car that hit us from behind,” 2 Chainz wrote on the social media platform. “Praise God for the blessings , Things could have been worse , but it wasn’t. Don’t wanna pity party, but i do appreciate every single person that checked up on me. Sometimes someone in my position don’t feel like the love real or maybe it’s mind thing. But I truly felt the love and don’t worry bout me , I’m good , shake back king.”

2 Chainz Thanks Fans & Loved Ones For Support After Car Crash

Furthermore, authorities found that he was not responsible for this three-vehicle crash. After all, police suspect that the driver that hit 2 Chainz’s car from behind was under the influence at the time. It looks like this will soon be a thing of the past for him, which is great because it would’ve been very tough to handle an accident like this during a time that you’d much rather spend with family. As such, we hope that the “Oprah & Gayle” MC is able to recover fully and swiftly on what he has left of this journey, and that the holidays bring him much joy. Meanwhile, the artist formerly known as Tity Boi recently shouted out a fellow hip-hop star for helping out with his Lil Wayne collab album.

“I actually wrote these things for 50 Cent to say,” he shared on the Rap Radar podcast recently. “50 is somebody that has a voice I think people can recognize. I knew that when it was time to put out an album, I was going to do something to maybe f**k people up to think maybe he was. I had this whole thing in my head about trailers and chaos and mayhem like, ‘What the hell they got going on?’ So I hit him. He did it for me. I mean, it didn’t take long. He killed it on the first take as far as knowing how to breathe, the spaces. Just little stuff that us as creatives just wanted.”